Do You Need a Smart watch? 10 Reasons Why You Probably Don’t

Do You Need a Smart watch? 10 Reasons Why You Probably Don’t

A kid’s smart watch is a popular gift for parents worldwide. It’s easy to see why more people turn to smartwatches as they are convenient and potentially make life a little simpler. Of course, there is a raging debate over the use of technology and how far people are willing to take it. So, are smartwatches really necessary, and what’s the reasons not to buy them? 

Not Convenient as A Phone 

While you can find cheap smartwatches, there are major problems with how convenient they really are. For instance, using a smart watch as a phone isn’t as great as some would hope. It means you can struggle to text and receive calls. Of course, smartwatches are versatile in many ways and have lots of positives too – but some lack the simple functions of a phone. smart watch for kids

They are Over-Priced 

Whether you’re looking for a kid’s smart watch or an adult’s watch, they’re pricey. Of course, there are some cost-effective and cheaper alternatives on the market – which is great – but if you’re looking for quality, it’ll cost you. That is a major reason why many don’t buy a smart watch. It’s an expense, especially today, that people can live without.  

Too Many Notifications 

Like smartphones, a constant barrage of notifications pinging every few seconds can be quite frustrating. You don’t want to know about these things or care about them either. Smartwatches have their uses but there are also a few drawbacks, especially when it comes to notifications. Cheap smartwatches but you do have to play around with them to keep the notifications at bay. 

Phones Must Be with You 

If you want to take a call on your smart watch, you need your phone. It’s annoying because most users wanted to ditch their phones if it meant carrying one less valuable item around with them. Unfortunately, you still need your phone to use your smart watch. It’s annoying, especially when you’re buying a kid’s smart watch for that purpose. You don’t want them to lose their expensive phones.  

Some Screens Have Function Limitations 

While smartwatches have a lot of functions, sometimes, they’re pretty limited. If you compare the smart watch to your phone, it can be quite restrictive and that is one major reason not to buy one. Of course, smartwatches are advancing all the time and are becoming more functionable each day. When you want to buy cheap smartwatches, you might find the functions aren’t as impressive as with the more expensive models. 

You Don’t Use Half of the Features 

Let’s be honest, smartwatches have the potential to be perfect. Unfortunately, there are loaded with useless features that are never used. For instance, you buy a smart watch because it’s the latest trend. A few days later, you’re bored with it and never use any of the features. It’s a pricy watch, to say the least. It’s the same when buying a kid’s smart watch; if they don’t use it fully, it’s a waste of money.  

Constant Battery Charging Necessary 

Smart phones typically need to be charged every few days and smartwatches aren’t any different. Depending on how often you use the watch, you might need to charge the battery up every day. That isn’t convenient and can be quite costly at the end of the year too when it comes to your energy bills. Even when you’re buying cheap smartwatches, the battery quality might not be great. So, that’s another reason to avoid them. Of course, if you can find a watch with a quality and prolonged battery life, it’s ideal.  

Limited in Size 

If you have vision problems, smartwatches are going to be a nightmare. Screen sizes don’t come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and that could be an issue, regardless of how good your sight is. You don’t want limited screen because it makes it difficult to write a text message. An adult and kid’s smart watch don’t differ in sizes that much, so it’s useful to consider this before buying any watch.  

Not Always Accurate 

If you’re using the fitness tracking apps on the smart watch, results could vary. That isn’t ideal if you’re using the watch to monitor your fitness. Of course, it will depend on the type of apps you use with the watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying cheap smartwatches or expensive ones, accuracy might vary.  

Not Always Waterproof  

Some watches are not entirely waterproof which creates a major problem, to say the least. It’s easy to drop the watch into water, especially when kids are involved. It’s unlikely a kid’s smart watch will be waterproof and if it is, it can only handle so much. So, you need to be wary about using smartwatches around water.  

Cheap Smartwatches Have their Good Points 

Smartwatches aren’t all bad; they have a lot of good points too. For instance, they utilize fantastic technology. Of course, there are many reasons not to buy a smart watch too. They can be quite expensive and aren’t used to their full potential either. So, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of smartwatches before committing to buy one. Cheap smartwatches are available too if you don’t have to money to spend on an expensive make.