How to lose weight with a smart watch for women?

How to lose weight with a smart watch for women?

A smart watch for women is a device that allows them to follow in real time the evolution of the body and the performance they exercise. It is an effective solution to lose weight, but it is wise to know how to put it into practice. Here is everything women need to know how to lose weight with a connected watch.

How do smartwatches work?

As its name suggests, a smart watch is used to track the evolution of his body and sports performance by being connected to the user. Connected watches allow you to track your workouts, calories burned, and even distance traveled.

A smart watch for women is equipped with sensors, which measure various data such as heart rate or distance traveled. These connected objects are also equipped with accelerometers, which allow to determine the movements of the body. These data are then transmitted to an application and the user is then informed of his performance, but also of the calories burned. You can then consult the follow-up, see the regularity and the evolution of your performance. smart watch fitness

The pedometer or step counter

This function allows you to calculate the number of steps you take over a given time. You can enter parameters to specify the information collected, such as your height or weight.

The pedometer application can be activated automatically or manually, depending on the watch. You can therefore know how many steps and kilometers you have traveled during the day.

Calorie calculation

To lose weight, the calculation of calories is a key concept. For this purpose, the smart watch calculates the caloric expenditure of an individual according to the activities performed and the time spent on each activity. For this, the sensors take into account the level of physical activity and the duration of the effort.

The calculation of calories burned is a very practical tool for women who tend to diet. It also allows, depending on the connected watch, to analyze and record the calories consumed during the day, and therefore to know how many calories you have eaten or drunk.

GPS for distance calculation

Most smart watches are equipped with GPS. This is a device that can be used to calculate the distance traveled, and the average speed. It allows you to have an accurate route by providing you with travel times. It can also calculate the number of calories burned during a sport activity.

The heart rate monitor or heart sensor

The heart rate measurement allows you to record your heart rate during a sport activity. The heart rate monitor can be used to measure your heart rate during training and running. It is also useful when you are hiking or doing other sports activities. This heart rate sensor is present on most of the current connected watches.

The pulse oximeter or pulse oximeter

The pulse oximeter is a medical device that helps you measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. It is a medical device used to measure the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin, a component of blood that supplies oxygen to the body’s tissues.

The pulse oximeter is an important health indicator. Among other things, it helps to determine if you need medication to treat anemia, for example.

Bioimpedance to monitor your weight loss

Impedance measurement is used to determine body composition. Thanks to sensors, you can know more precisely the distribution of different elements in your body such as fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, water content,…

You can measure your body composition with a connected watch. The measurement of impedance also allows to see the movements of each element. Thus, we can take weight but not necessarily in fat mass, but rather in muscle mass or water mass.

It should be noted that this type of measurement is not recommended for pregnant women and people with a medical implant (pacemaker or defibrillator).

The best smart watch for women

Connected watches have more and more features to meet all the needs of the user. The choice of a smart timepiece will depend largely on your expectations, as well as the use you will make of it. In case you want to buy a connected watch to help you in your weight loss, some functions are essential, so you should know the best smart watch for women that best meets your needs.