How to know the best smart watch for kids?

How to know the best smart watch for kids?

The smart watch for kids is the accessory that little ones love to wear on their wrist to do like the older guys. Today, brands offer models with various and varied functionalities. How do you choose the right one? We tell you everything!

Why buy a smart watch for kids ?

Your child is now grown up and can go to school or to the various activities of the day on his own. But like every mom on this planet, you are sometimes worried about not hearing from him. The connected watch for children was initially created to reassure parents. As an alternative to the smartphone, the smartwatch for children is the ideal solution to be in communication with your little one at any time.

smart watch for kids
How to know the best smart watch for kids?

How to choose a smartwatch for children ?

Note that it is important to start with an educational watch to learn to tell time. These models will be more adapted to his age. But if you want to offer your child a smartwatch, it is possible to find on sale models from the age of three. Here are a few criteria to consider before making your purchase to help you make your choice:

  • The date and time: a watch is primarily used to tell the time! Some watches offer a time reading with hands or in digital form. The important thing is that it is easy to read for your child.
  • The battery: choose a watch with a good autonomy so that you don’t have to recharge it all the time. On average, the battery life can last from 24 to 72 hours. But be careful, the GPS functionality can consume a lot of battery.
  • Connectivity: check that your child’s connected watch is compatible with your phone. In general, they are compatible with Android or IOS but sometimes only one of the two.
  • The design: the smartwatch must be intuitive via the buttons or its touch screen. It should also not be too big for your wrist.
  • Water resistance: choose a watch that has a good degree of water protection to prevent your child from damaging it when he washes his hands.

What are the features of the connected watch for kids?

Not all models of smart watches for children have both security functions and entertainment applications. It’s up to you to decide if you need a connected watch for your child’s security or a watch to entertain them with games and applications. Here are the different functionalities that a connected watch can have:

  • Calls and messages: the smart watch must be equipped with a SIM card. You can exchange text messages via an application through the Internet connection. Be aware that you can deactivate the watch during school hours so as not to disturb your child during school lessons.
  • The SOS button: in case of danger, you can press the SOS button for 3 seconds in order to be alerted on your smartphone. Check that the smartwatch is equipped with this feature.
  • The camera: your kid can try his hand at photography or video. If something unexpected happens, there are also connected watches for kids where you can activate the camera remotely to see what is going on around him.
  • Geolocation: you can choose a connected watch with a GPS option in order to geolocate your child. Depending on the age, this option should not be used excessively because it can be very intrusive.
  • The security perimeter: you can define a security perimeter in which your child can move. If he/she leaves this perimeter, you will be warned.
  • Games and entertainment: the smart watch for children can be equipped with various games (skill, reflection etc.) that are perfect for stimulating the cognitive development of the child. You also have applications for dancing, jumping or counting steps.

Once considered a gadget, the smart watch for kids has now become an indispensable accessory. GPS, camera, messaging system, calculator, games… These smartwatches have many options that children and parents love. Check our site: